Chapter 7: Make Your WordPress Blog Seo-friendly

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Generally, for a WordPress blog post, URLs would typically look something like, which is not SEO-friendly. Neither people nor the search engine can determine what your post is about through such vague URLs. The keywords used in your post title, body of your post, categories and URL are signals to search engines and help them to rank your blog posts. Therefore, it requires a change in your permalinks to include your post titles. Here below are some other permalink SEO tips to consider:

  • Use simple permalinks (i.e.
  • Favor dashes rather than underscores in links.
  • Remove stop words from permalinks (“is” or “are”).
  • Never change permalinks after publishing. If you do so for some reason, set up a 301 redirection from the old URL to the new URL using .htaccess.
  • Use your keyword in your permalink.

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