Our Favourite Ecommerce Themes for a WooCommerce Online Store

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Since Woocommerce runs on WordPress, its users have the great advantage of being able to adjust their stores by drawing from enormous ranges of templates, extensions, and themes. Themes in particular are vital for ecommerce, because the look and feel of a website powerfully affect how the visitor perceives it — and thus how they perceive the brand.

But that degree of choice can prove quite troublesome when there are so many great options out there. Unless you plan on slowly cycling between every theme on the market, you’re going to want to settle on just one. How do you narrow your selection down?

Well, if you need a little help choosing, you’ve come to the right post. We’re going to highlight our favourite themes for Woocommerce, explaining what they offer and why we think they’re so terrific and worthy of your consideration. Here we go!

Free themes

Not got a penny to spend on your store styling? Not a problem! Just for you, we’ve picked out a couple of fantastic WooCommerce-ready WordPress themes that are 100% free.



The Shopper theme provides formidable simplicity. It’s clean, crisp, and as straightforward as you can get, making it a perfect choice for beginners who don’t want to mess around with layouts and just want to showcase their product photos. With the excellent spacing and grid-based layout, the site will look just as good (if not better) on mobile devices

Line up a photoshoot, invest all the money you saved through your free CMS in glossy shots, and slot them into this theme — you’ll be ready to go. And since it’s fully equipped for SEO from the outset, with structured data integration for added ranking potential, you’ll be in a strong position to start bringing in traffic.



If you’re looking for a terrific layout that supports greater complexity and product categories without getting too cumbersome, Tyche is an excellent choice. Not only is its feature set rock-solid, but it also has the advantage of offering various instructional videos to help less savvy users get everything set up.

The default style elements are bold and perfect for ecommerce, but they can all be changed easily enough during the setup process. Swap out sections and features to create a page that perfectly suits your brand guidelines. Compare to the Shopper theme, this is more complex but also more powerful — if you have no theme budget, pick whichever is the better fit for you!

Paid themes

Sometimes you add up all the time and effort you’d put into working on a free theme and you start thinking “Hey, it might be cheaper to just pay for a theme” — or maybe you just have the budget for it and you’d rather maximise the quality. If so, here are some outstanding paid themes to soup up your Woocommerce store:



There are three more themes after this one, but if you’re only interested in my personal tip-top favourite, this is the one — and not just because one of the two default skins included is the majestic Amazon-inspired effort pictured above (although that’s a major contributing factor). It’s also because it comes with a powerful autocomplete-capable internal search, which is really quite important for mimicking Amazon.

WoonderShop is equipped with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder like many of the themes here, so it’s easy to customise, and since it’s a paid theme, you get to benefit from a more robust level of customer support than you’d for a free option. In fact, the average response time is below 5 hours. You can pay a $79 for one skin and one year of support, or pay $498 for lifetime support and access to 19 skins of a quality comparable to the one pictured. That’s a pretty good deal!



Built with a classy two-tone frosted look (hence the name), this theme has a lot going for it, as evidenced by the range of viable configurations you can create. It also boasts AJAX product filtering and a wide array of workable integrations (you can set up a newsletter and connect to a mail automation tool, or allow customers to log in through supported social media accounts).

Running on standard markup and provided with Photoshop design files, Frost makes it as easy as possible for you to make alterations as you see fit. And something that might tip it over the edge for you is the presence of bundled plugins — if you want to use something like Visual Composer to tweak your theme, you can get it a much lower cost through a Frost bundle.

Shop Isle Pro


The first thing you’ll notice about a demo of Shop Isle Pro is the sumptuous parallax scrolling effect that appears as soons you start heading down the page. Everything slides by smoothly and fits neatly into place, lending the experience a very professional and polished feel. If you’re looking to sell high-value products then it might be ideal for you.

If you pay £86 for the Essential plan, you get access to over 30 skins and a year of support, and you can use that support across two domains (so if you have a second store and need a lot of assistance, you can double the value). The real-time customization options, 1-click updater and video tutorials make this package very tempting indeed.



What I like a lot about Fitshop is its assortment of default animations. Everything pops and springs into position before slipping away when you divert your attention (and your cursor). The subtle zooms, slides and swipes really keep your attention as you browse the products — if you’re looking for a theme to keep the visitor interested while making their way through a vast range, this is a great choice.

Of course, like all the other themes here, Fitshop is fully responsive, customisable, and equipped with an intuitive live editor. It may not have a killer feature to set it apart, but it’s very strong overall, and it’s relatively cheap if you’re not looking for long-term assistance since you can pay just $59 for the theme and six months of support.


OK, we’ve been through six excellent WordPress themes that are fully WooCommerce-capable, but we can narrow it down even more. In fact, let’s cut things down to two: one free, and one paid. That should make things easier!

  • Want a free theme? Get Tyche. It doesn’t have the stripped-down aesthetic of Shopper but it will work well with any style you choose, making it the superior option overall.
  • Want a paid theme? Get WoonderShop. It has a skin that looks like Amazon but with a cleaner layout, and it boasts all the functionality you need. What else is there to say?

What do you think of our choices? Sold on Woondershop, or outraged that we’ve missed out your personal preference? Let us know!

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