Chapter 3: Beautify Your WordPress Blog – WordPress Themes

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What is a theme and why do we need it?

Themes allow users to adjust the look and functionality of a WordPress website, and can be installed without altering the website’s content or health.

Your choice of WordPress theme determines important aspects of your website. Choosing the right theme can be tricky for newcomers, since most people will be attracted by “looks” alone. A good theme, however, is one that not only looks good, but is also lean and lightweight, easy to customize, flexible, actively developed, well supported, and has good reviews, feedback and documentation.

How to install a wordpress theme

Simply login to your WordPress dashboard, search for your desired theme and install it.

Free & premium popular wordpress themes

The one premium theme that we actually use for our site and definitely recommend for blogging is:

Good News – Multi-Niche Blog / Magazine WordPress Theme Created by XplodedThemes

This is one of the BEST themes I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing on ThemeForest with regards to features, updates, and excellent support.

Below is a list of other famous premium WordPress Themes:

Here are some of the best free themes:

Below are some excellent resources to get the best WordPress themes:

Premium WordPress themes by ThemeForest | ThemeForest Free WordPress themes | Beautiful Premium WordPress Themes | Elegant Themes Premium WordPress Themes | Studio Press

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