Chapter 14: Marketing Your WordPress Blog

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To stand out from other bloggers and gain a blog identity, you will need correct and effective promotional strategies. Listed below are some great marketing tips:

  • Create great content:  There is no alternative to compiling excellent quality content. Spend more time on researching, ensuring you generate authentic content not covered in other websites.
  • Beautify your content:  Use your own logo and graphics, apply proper headings (H1, H2 and so on), and select an awesome theme, color scheme and fonts to make your WordPress blog attractive.
  • Create a social media appearance:  Create your Google+ page for your WordPress blog. Search and join the popular communities within your blogging interest. Participate in those communities by commenting in live communications and posting your WordPress blog posts at various communities. Similarly, create a Facebook page for your WordPress blog and invite people to like your page. Join groups of similar interests and participate in these groups by sharing your WordPress blogs, liking the posts, commenting, sharing your knowledge and helping others. You can also target other popular social platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.
  • Implement social media icons on blog:  Add social media icons to your WordPress blog linked to your social media profiles so that your visitors can “like” or “+1″ your posts from the blog itself.
  • Optimize your blog:  Optimize your blog titles, text, meta descriptions, target keywords, etc. through SEO plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast.
  • Keyword research:  Identify targeted keywords and optimize your blog title, meta-description, text, and other elements for these keywords.
  • Raise your activities in other forums:  Participate in active forums that fall within your niche. Share your thoughts, knowledge, and opinions on different threads, adding your blog link in your signature.
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