Chapter 13: Writing Your WordPress Blog

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Creating categories

WordPress categories are a very convenient way to organize your posts. You can follow the steps below to create new categories:

  • Login to your WordPress administrative account.
  • On the left side of the page, go to Posts → Categories.
  • Fill in the category Name, its Slug (the URL-friendly version of the name) and click the “Add New Category” button.

Adding a new post

Posts are entries that display in reverse order on your home page. Posts usually have comments fields beneath them and are included in your site’s RSS feed. You can follow below steps to add a new post:

  • Login to your WordPress administrative account.
  • Click on Posts → Add New.
  • Start filling in the blanks: enter your post title in the upper field and your post body content in the main post editing box below it.
  • As needed, select a category, add tags, and make other selections from the sections below the post.
  • When you are ready, click “Publish”.

Adding tags

Tags are essentially keywords for each page/article you create. Tags are intended to be words or very short two or three word phrases. Adding tags that accurately represent a post or page will increase the chance of it getting its due traffic. You can follow below steps to create add tags:

  • Login to your WordPress administrative account.
  • Click on Posts → Add New.
  • On your left side, fill in Name and Description.
  • Click on “Add New Tag”.

Preview/publish mode

  • Preview Mode:  You can use the “Preview” button to view your posts as you write, or to do a final check before you publish the post.
  • Publish Mode:  Once you have finished creating your post, click “Publish” for others to view. You can publish your post as public or private.

Here are some excellent resources to manage WordPress posts:

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