Chapter 12: WordPress Styling Tips

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To stand out above the rest of the WordPress blogs, you will need to tweak your blog’s settings. By tweaking, we mean you need to put effort into PHP softcode, Themes and Text Style. There are many tricks available to make your WordPress blog unique and impressive. Here below are a few handy, clever and fun practices to follow:

  • Text Beautify:  This plugin looks out for bad casing, grammatical mistakes, etc.
  • Quotes:  It pulls the most memorable part of article. In Visual Editor of WordPress, there is the ‘b-quote’ facility to use Quotes.
  • Color, alignment and other styles:  One can control color, thickness [size], width, and position using <div> align for Horizontal line by following <div> command.<div align="center"> <hr color="#dddddd" size="1" width="60%" /></div>
  • Images:  The WordPress Media Uploader tool is useful to upload images. Use “Add Media” to add images, “Attachment Details” to insert details of the image and “Attachment Display Setting” to control how the media will be displayed when viewed on the website.
  • Categories and Tags:  By default, WordPress posts are not placed in category. Categories can, however, be added/changed at Post > Categories. Tags may also be added to specific posts.
  • Formatting Options:  WordPress Visual Editor has a selection of text formatting facilities; for example, Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, Unordered List, Ordered List, Link, Unlink, Outdent, Indent, Select text color, etc.
  • Themes:  On the WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes. By changing themes, one can easily change the appearance of a website without ever changing the content of your backend structure.
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