Chapter 10: Upgrade WordPress Core And Plugins

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WordPress is capable of updating itself to new minor releases and security updates without any user input. For major WordPress updates, there are mainly two methods:

One-click Update:

When a WordPress update is available, you will receive an update message on the WordPress dashboard. You can launch the update by clicking the link in the new version banner. At the “Update WordPress” page, simply click the button “Update Now” to launch the upgrade process – no further action is required. Once WordPress upgrade is finished, your WordPress website will be up-to-date.

Manual Update:

If the one-click upgrade doesn’t work for you, try the manual update. Refer to the guides below to update WordPress core manually.

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A word of caution: Only updating WordPress core won’t make your WordPress website fully secure. Updating your plugin installations is equally as important as updating WordPress core. Vulnerability in one of these plugins can result in your website being hacked. There are three methods to update WordPress plugins; here below is one method, namely:

One click plugin update:

Like WordPress core, WordPress plugins can also be upgraded through the one-click method on the WordPress dashboard. Simply login to WordPress dashboard and go to the “Updates” section. If there are plugins to be updated, they will appear here. To update your plugins, select them and click on the “Update Plugins” button.

Refer to some other methods of updating WordPress plugins:

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