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What is WooCommerce First Purchase?

WooCommerce First Purchase is a complete solution for running a First Purchase Discount campaign.

How it works:

  1. The plugin displays a beautiful discount offer pop-up giving users a coupon to use for their first order.
  2. Then it automatically generates a unique, custom, email-bound coupon code.
  3. It sends the coupon code to users in a professional-looking HTML email, incentivizing visitors to become customers.

Anti-Cheating Technology checks emails, cookies, IP and previous purchases to prevent any fraud.

Emails are Collected and you can export them or connect directly with MailChimp and use emails for promotional campaigns.

Powerful, Visual Pop-Up and Email Designers, complete with ready-made templates help you easily build stunning designs.

Fully Customizable Coupons let you choose options such as minimum purchase or coupon expiry time.

What you get with our plugin

  • Incentivize visitors to purchase with a first purchase discount coupon
  • Promote the offer through an attractive, customizable pop-up
  • Beautiful pop-up themes to choose from
  • Email templates and stunning coupon designs
  • Powerful Visual Pop-Up Designer
  • User-friendly Visual Email Designer
  • Ability to customize and add your company’s logo
  • Anti-Cheating Technology that identifies users by email, cookie and IP to prevent them from abusing the system
  • Ability to exclude or include those who purchased in the past
  • Generate unique coupons automatically for each user
  • Coupons are bound to (can only be used by) the email address used
  • You can select coupon type, amount and expiry time in days
  • Define minimum and maximum purchase limit for the coupon
  • Display the pop-up immediately on page load or after the user has been shopping for a while
  • Set custom triggers for pop-up display
  • Powerful, Premium Management Dashboard
  • Collect users’ email addresses and build relevant email lists for promotions
  • Easily export detailed CSV user lists or emails-only lists
  • Connect directly with MailChimp and send users straight to your MailChimp lists

Why the first purchase is so important

For any store, a first-time customer’s order is the hardest one to get, and requires you to break the initial distrust, doubts, and worries the potential buyer might have about your company and products.

A first purchase discount is a powerful strategy that can break those initial doubts and turn visitors into customers by giving them a strong incentive. Once they have made a purchase, the biggest barrier has been overcome, and they can be converted into loyal buyers.

WooCommerce First Purchase helps you “get your foot in the door”, immediately engage visitors, break the initial “doubts and worries barrier”, and start building an audience and spreading the word about your fantastic products.

This plugin is your choice if

  • You want to quickly set up a first purchase discount campaign
  • You wish to use ready-made templates and customize them with your logo
  • You want to engage more visitors and improve conversions
  • You are a developer that needs a well-built, easy to use plugin
  • You are a WooCommerce store owner that wants to maximize earning potential

Why WooCommerce First Purchase

To set up a first order discount campaign you would normally need 3 plugins:

  1. Pop-Up Plugin to display beautiful pop-ups on the front-end
  2. Emailer Plugin to send out professional HTML emails with coupons
  3. Coupon Generator Plugin to create unique, email-restricted coupons

You would also need to:

  • Manually check emails and IPs to prevent fraud
  • Program custom actions and connect the plugins
  • Create templates and designs for it all

That’s a whole lot of work.

WooCommerce First Purchase does it all for you. It displays a beautiful discount offer pop-up, generates coupons, sends visitors their unique coupon code in a beautiful HTML5 email, and turns those visitors into your customers.

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