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SVG Divider for Elementor - 1 SVG Divider Current Version 1.0 – Jan 23, 2020

SVG Divider for Elementor - 2

SVG Divider for Elementor - 3

Spice up your site with this enthralling divider element, and create stylish typography with ease. From simple lines to curly artworks, we offer a multitude of creative solutions, including our enticing animations!

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SVG Divider for Elementor - 5

Elementor is the #1 WordPress Page Builder that makes it possible for you to live design your site. We complemented the already infinite possibilities with our fantastic plugin. This is it!

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SVG Divider for Elementor - 7

A modern site has to uphold high visual standards. SVG Divider will always be the perfect accessory to your website, even if it carries a minimal or intricate design.

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SVG Divider for Elementor - 9

The unmatched combination of breathtaking animations and unique motifs drawn with artistic sophistication make this product special. Each artwork has two separately configurable layers (primary and glitter).

SVG Divider for Elementor - 10

SVG Divider for Elementor - 11

Make your classic-style divider more than the usual! Choose unique line icons and customize them however you wish; including line width, size, color, and more.

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SVG Divider for Elementor - 15 Full Feature List

Creates an Elementor Widget under the General section with a ‘Hello icon’.
Adjust the colors, typography, alignment, height including responsive options, just like you are used to in Elementor.

Drawn Style

  • 90 Hand-crafted designs that are like icons but better.
  • Easy to use design picker popup.
  • Crop to the middle part of an SVG Divider.
  • Scale a vector artwork withous loss of quality.
  • Flip on any axis
  • Optional decorative ‘Glitter’ layer.

Classic Style

  • Single, double, and dashed line – not CSS-border!
  • Control dashed line’s properties or the gap between double lines.
  • Crop to the middle part of an SVG Divider.
    • Elementor native Icon/Button/Text.
    • Let’s Go icon set included (300+).
    • Place icon in the button.


  • Custom reveal animations of the artwork lines.
  • Infinitely looped ant-march or twinkling glitter (optional layer).
  • Re-sync the timing.


  • Requires Elementor 2.8+, does not function without Elementor! There is no standalone version.
  • Uses Elementor’s shared advanced settings, global colors, pertains to its coding standards and system requirements.

SVG Divider for Elementor - 16 Changelog

v1.0 – Jan 23, 2020

  • Initial release.
  • This version number marks the beginning of SVG Divider plugin.

SVG Divider for Elementor - 17 Credits

The Elementor layouts and stock photos seen in the preview videos, screenshots, and on the site are not included in the downloaded ZIP. There is no separate demo data other than the SVG designs bundled with the plugin.



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